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Home Birth Care

In-Home Care

Most prenatal and postpartum care (including labwork) is provided in the comfort of home (an office, or park) convenient for *members within a 45 min radius (all others may come to me for visits, depending on location and timing).

Holistic Wellness

Functional, herbal, spirit-mind-body approach to perinatal wellness with guidance and support on health, fetal positioning, physiologic conception, pregnancy and labor progression, breastfeeding, postpartum healing, and functional labwork.

Birth Education

All prenatal *members receive access to my personal resource lending library and the Esali Birth online birth class community, including birth prep for unassisted Free Birth and emergency birth.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done. You’ve helped me look forward to birth with no fear and be excited about the process. Thank you for selflessly giving of your time to answer my questions, and to support me. Thank you for giving the kind of care that lets me know you actually care!

- Mariah, Summer 2019 & 2020 Home Birth Midwifery; 2022 FreeBirth Counseling

Family-Centered Home Birth

Danielle Bergum provides Midwifery Care with a holistic focus.  Providing families in the Mid-Ohio Valley and surrounding region with the opportunity to be cared for with a wisdom-sharing approach.  My logical care puts the mother at the center of knowledge and responsibility, and encourages the family to support her Spirit-led, self-wisdom through this time.  You and your family’s needs and desires are my central focus creating the space for attentive and individualized care for the childbearing years.  You are encouraged to birth in a way that feels instinctive and desirable to you and you are expected to be an active leader for the midwifery care and support you would like to receive.

Traditional Midwife Guardian of Generations

With the heart of a non-medical traditional midwife, and the experience of a modern functional midwife, Danielle Bergum offers an intentional approach to care to create a space so that unnecessary interventions are avoided and this transformative life event is supported through mind-body-environment support and a birth-can-be-simple approach with the goal of life-long balance for multiple generations.  You can receive counseling for overall wellness, nutrition, maternal-fetal alignment, movement, and therapies to support spontaneous, physiologic fertility and birth in the comfort of your own home.  You will have tools and techniques available to you to guide your care, discover how your body communicates wellness and imbalance, and support variations in the childbearing years.  Casual prenatal care seeks to create a trusting relationship that helps you to enjoy our presence in your space, increasing the psychophysiologic transformation of birth.  My hope is that you utilize my knowledge during conception and pregnancy so that you don’t need my advanced skills for birth.  Learn more about me on the Meet Danielle page.

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The sovereignty of the Heavenly Father, and autonomous family decisions, are at the core of my belief as a birth guardian.  I enjoy caring for families that seek to take responsibility for their wellness by giving-birth-back-to-women through education and support of informed decisions and physiology.  Mothers that understand what physiology feels like and looks like in prenatal care better understand when a medical approach may be beneficial.  I can teach you and your birth team to take complete liberty over your care and lead to the degree that you are comfortable with for activities such as prenatal care assessment, palpating baby’s position, catching baby, and assessing the well-being of your baby.  You are the guide of your birth space and I am available to share wisdom, skills, and tools along this journey.

Serving through the Childbearing Years

I have been called to spread the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) and seek to do this through my midwifery practice in a way that I hope glorifies His spirit working in my life, no matter where you are in your personal journey, including if our beliefs differ.  Whether you are seeking a midwife for pregnancy, home birth, and breastfeeding support, TTC and looking for fertility support, interested in labwork for in-depth understanding of internal health, or improving wellness for hormonal balance I look forward to chatting with you about options for care.  I serve women and their families by offering the knowledge and services I am experienced to provide for your specific situation whether that is full midwifery care, a recommendation for another practitioner, transfer of care or transport for medical services, or parallel care alongside an alternate birth location.

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Midwife Mid Ohio Valley, West Virginia, Ohio

Service Area

My general radius is approximately 1 hour from my home in Murraysville, WV through the Appalachian Mid-Ohio Valley.  Depending on location and birth season timing, I can sometimes go up to 1.5 hours.  I receive midwifery inquiries from many hours away and while I can provide prenatal, free birth, or virtual support to families outside of my radius, it is important for me to consider all the clients that I am on call for and their distance apart from each other, as well as for you to consider your personal needs and desires for care before and after birth when selecting a midwife.  Most *members receive in-home visits for prenatal and postpartum.  Members over 45 minutes from me, or in an area outside of my typical driving direction, will need to arrange to come to me for most of their prenatal and postpartum care.  Providing home services throughout a large radius in Appalachia means I need to consider my long-term personal physical and mental health, gas prices, and wear on my vehicle are a factor in the distance I can go regularly, not to mention the anxiety of everyone when I’m at a visit 1+ hours north of me and on call for a client 1+ hours south of me.  Due to the rural nature of this region, I can’t provide a simple circular radius, but consider the specific drive time and weather conditions.  This map shows the distance to areas surrounding me.  If you are within this area, I would love to chat about your care and arrangement for prenatal and postpartum visits!  If you are outside of this area, depending on my schedule and your circumstances, I would be happy to discuss options for serving you, including you coming to me for birth!  If you are considering care, reach out early because my calendar fills up fast.

Tax Deductible Donations

*MOV Birth is a 508c(1)a Faith-Based Private Health Association Ministry.  Membership is required to receive member-to-member services.  Membership is free.  All donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.