Birth Classes

Holistically Informed

Instinctually Supported

Esali Birth Classes

Private Birth Classes

Custom-created private classes so you and your birth partner feel comfortable to share your individual situation for improved knowledge sharing. Group classes are also available on request.

Virtual Birth Classes

Hosting live + self-paced virtual birth classes (since before COVID) for flexibility in scheduling, childcare, and reviewing 24/7 before birth.  Esali Birth online membership provided to all clients.

All the Births

Inclusive birth classes for births in all locations – home, birth center, and hospital – with a focus on biological awareness and informed decisions for all the birth variations

Danielle presented both the positives and the negatives, never trying to sway you one way or another. She simply desires for parents to have the relevant information to be able to make the right choice for their family. In our class there was a couple having a planned c-section, one wanting a natural hospital birth and another trying for a homebirth. I loved the diversity.

- Cassidi, Birth Class, Doula, & Midwifery Client

Perinatal Mentoring

Providing a mother and her support team with educational and counseling support during pregnancy and prior to conception in-person and virtually. It is never too early (or late) to start birth classes, join a birth series, or schedule a chat and counseling session. The sooner you start learning about the birth industry and birth physiology, the more time you have to make changes, if desired, for wellness, care provider and birth location. The more time you have to learn about the normalcy of birth, the more confident you will feel as you reach the end of your pregnancy.

How to Affect

Not your typical what to expect.  I don’t teach you how to be a good patient.  I offer guidance on how to be a responsible consumer with a lot of wisdom sharing for Doula 101, Labor Progression, Pain Prevention, Breastfeeding Support, and Parenting Prep.  I don’t just cover unmedicated vaginal birth or just medical birth.  My passion is preparing you and your support system for physiological birth and the changes that may arise in your birth, which includes everything from unassisted birth at home to fully medicated and emergency unexpected experiences.  I nurture you into a confident consumer excited for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and parenting – no matter where you choose to birth or where your birth journey takes you.  Take back your birth, improve your health, and get ready to take the first step into an empowered parenting experience.

Flexible Birth Classes

Perinatal mentoring is available locally in and around the Mid-Ohio Valley as well as through scheduled online classes with me in any time zone compatible to EST.  Self-paced online birth classes are anywhere in the world through Esali Birth and included with 3 or more live birth classes.  I have locations I can hold classes or we can meet in your home.  We can set time aside for a long walk while we chat or even while helping you with nesting and designing your nursery.  If you just wish you had someone to do walk this journey with you that also has extensive resources, knowledge and total understanding that this is an amazing, sometimes overwhelming, time of your life – let’s connect!  I’d love to help you alleviate your fears and work towards your happy healthy birth.

Resources & Lending Library

I’m known as a resource and information go-to.  I’ve been leading birth classes in the Mid-Ohio Valley since 2009 with a significant amount of clients switching from hospital birth to home birth throughout the class.  My complete Lending Library is available to all local clients.  Being aware of your birth industry and the rights you have in your birth space is sprinkled into every aspect of our classes.  Realizing you already have the knowledge to birth and feeling confident to reach out with pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding questions is our goal.  Birth knowledge is innate, accessing it takes a little unlearning and self-discovery that I can’t wait to guide you through.  Your birth matters.  Where you birth and the people that surround you at this time are the foundation to a happy, healthy, birth.