Thank you for stopping by to learn about the Appalachian Traditional Birth Attendant services provided through MOV Birth, a Private Faith-Based Health Ministry. It is a blessing to be asked to join in this sacred journey and to be welcomed to your home, guide your family, hold space for your birth, and witness this beautiful life transition as well as provide loving support for the unplanned variations of the childbearing years.

Danielle Bergum with MOV Birth is dedicated to providing functional maternity care, and wellness support through the childbearing years, through education and building awareness so that mothers can birth biologically, and fathers and birth partners can support lovingly – to promote confidence and instinctual birth. This holistic care looks different for every mother and birth as a relationship is developed to be accessible and trusting.

For some, it means listening to their story and counseling through various forms of trauma. Others may receive wellness counseling and lifestyle guidance.  Some, will learn self prenatal care and understanding the basics of midwifery care. For many, it is a quiet birth guardian knitting in the corner (or the next room) listening with their heart and supporting through trust in spiritual guidance.

Mothers don’t need told how to birth.  Mothers are the only ones that can deliver their babies.  No one needs to catch your baby unless that is your desire.  Fathers know mothers better than anyone, offering a unique insight into how to best support this birthing woman.  Mothers do not need to be given permission to birth however they desire – as it is their permission to give for permission into their intimate birth space.

Danielle Bergum with MOV Birth believes that life begins at conception, that you and your baby were created to make this birth journey together, and breastfeeding completes birth preparing your baby for life on earth, while the whole childbearing year gets you ready to care for this child through spiritual growth.  Mothers have the autonomous right and responsibility to make decisions about how to be cared for and where to birth.  Mothers and families that are ready to receive truth-filled information, and are open to being lead by their instincts and experienced wisdom, can be transformed in profound ways and these *members receive the most out of care for optimal functional childbirth.  The perinatal education, support, and care that you request is offered in the MOV Birth ministry.

MOV Birth serves worldwide virtually, and in-person throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley and Appalachian region including Parkersburg, Ravenswood, Ripley, Charleston, and Clarksburg, West Virginia as well as Barlow, Belpre, Marietta, Albany, Athens, Pomeroy, Gallipolis, and Rio Grande, Ohio. My radius is approximately 1 hour of zip 26164, and occasionally up to 1.5 hrs.


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*MOV Birth is a 508c(1)a Faith-Based Private Health Ministry.  Free membership is required to receive member-to-member services.  Membership is available to everyone and allows us to have a private relationship so I can support your unique desires and needs in the childbearing years.

I can’t say enough good things. Whether you are considering birth-related education, breastfeeding help, doula care, or just want someone to talk to who is knowledgeable and understanding, you won’t regret contacting and/or hiring Danielle. I never felt that I couldn’t be honest with her for fear of being “judged.” She is kind, caring, and thoughtful.
She is truly a gem.

- Angela, 10-Week Series & Doula Support