Rebozo Therapy

Rebozo therapy can range from a relaxing full-body massage to easing back discomfort and repositioning a baby during pregnancy or labor.  A rebozo is a traditional Mexican midwifery tool utilized for many generations from the rebozo, or Mexican shawl, that was a part of traditional Mexican clothing and became a tool for daily life.  Everything from carrying food and water jugs to perinatal support, a rebozo is a simple piece of cloth that has a multitude of uses throughout the childbearing years.

Rebozo therapy can include:

  • Rebozo prenatal abdominal support for varicosities and diastasis recti
  • Rebozo postpartum belly binding
  • Rebozo manteada abdominal and uterine massage
  • Rebozo “shake the apple tree” pelvic release
  • Rebozo relaxation full-body prenatal massage
  • Rebozo relaxation full-body “closing of the bones” postpartum massage

I utilize rebozo therapy as a technique through doula and home birth care to provide relaxation, privacy, support baby’s position, reposition a baby for labor progression, as well as teaching families how to use this simple piece of cloth as a baby wrap.  It is such a wonderful tool to roll into my support bag and provides relief to so many women, often being requested as a routine part of care.

Rebozo Relaxation


Soothe your whole body with this hour-long prenatal rebozo relaxation session ideal for after 20 weeks gestation.  At your home, a park, or location of your choice, this rebozo massage will help to loosen tight tissue that holds trauma, fear, and tension to help support a comfortable pregnancy and a body environment supportive of optimal mother-baby alignment.

Rebozo Rotation


Along with alignment guideance and spinning babies techniques, rebozo manteada and “shake the apple tree” help to encourage a vertex (head-down) LOA fetal position after 32 weeks.

Closing of the Bones


Between three and six weeks postpartum, the Closing of the Bones ceremony combines gentle abdominal relaxation with rebozo relaxation and binding while sharing your birth story for a healing postpartum closure.

How Rebozo Relaxation Works

When can I enjoy rebozo relaxation?

Most rebozo relaxation opportunities can be enjoyed at any time; however, due to the weight of the baby and ideal time period for baby to start moving to a head-down position, an ideal time is between 24 and 34 weeks of pregnancy.  This provides moms with time for therapies to be repeated as desired before birth.

Are there any contraindications to rebozo therapy?

While rebozo manteada is not ideal with an anterior placenta or if a mother is experiencing prenatal bleeding, the relaxation sessions can be enjoyed by all (even outside of pregnancy).