Placenta Prep



& Consumption

DIY Placenta Encapsulation

During regular prenatal visits, or a scheduled class for non-clients, learn how to process your own placenta after birth virtually or in-person

Reduce Bleeding

Hormones in the placenta, when consumed raw, may help reduce bleeding in the immediate postpartum and following days

Placenta Holistics

From tinctures and capsules to truffles, salves, and prints, there are many options for using the placenta after birth

Placenta Preparation

With a variety of options for preparing your placenta for consumption, short and long-term choices include placenta encapsulation, placenta smoothies, placenta tinctures, placenta truffles, and more.  Your baby’s blood can be typed from the blood in the placenta at the time of processing and artistic keepsakes are available. For home birth clients, you are routinely shown your placenta for educational purposes and you may provide all your own smoothie ingredients or thick water color paper or canvas for printing and the placenta can be cut up into pieces for the fridge or freezer for raw smoothie consumption.  You can be shown how to process your own placenta during a regular prenatal visit at no extra cost.  If you want all of these services and ingredients or materials provided for you professionally, details are on this page.

Placentophagy Influences

  • Adrenaline
  • Oxytocin
  • Progesterone
  • Iron
  • Protein
  • Corticotropin-Releasing Hormone

For some mothers, placenta consumption may help:

  • Prevent Postpartum Depression
  • Remedy Postpartum Depression
  • Increase Milk Supply
  • Increase Energy Levels

Add-On Service

Placenta prep is available for midwifery or doula clients as an add-on service.  If you are not a current client, I am happy to hold a class for you to learn to do this on your own or connect you with others that could provide this service for you as it is too difficult for me to be on call for my birth clients and for placenta clients at the same time. Placenta Preparation includes taking your placenta home after doula care, or coming to your house within the first week after birth for processing and basic postpartum care.  For most preparation, the placenta is tinctured or powdered for encapsulation (using traditional, steaming, methods).

Notes of Consideration

Due to the high amounts of adrenaline in the placenta, and many options to improve milk supply and prevent/remedy postpartum depression, all mothers interested in placentophagy should read THIS POST that covers the known pros and cons of placenta consumption as well as how to process your own placenta to help you best decide if this service is right for you.

Placenta Processing Class


Prior to birth, learn to process your own placenta with a variety of methods.  We will cover the aspects of choosing placenta consumption, cover the supply lists & help you pre-order anything you may need, and educate about various methods of placenta preparation in the comfort of your own home.  Great for clients birthing at the hospital or with another midwife.  Free for current Midwifery clients. *These sessions are best scheduled at least 4 weeks prior to your 40 week date in case any additional herbs need ordered (from quality sources) or oils need to begin infusion.

Placenta Processing Packages

Basic – $300


  • Cord Keepsake
  • Small amount of raw placenta for consumption during processing
  • Powder (with encapsulation) OR Tincture

Indulgence – $350

  • Basic plus:
  • Placenta Print
  • Raw Placenta Fruit & Herb Smoothie at Birth
  • Complementary Placenta Truffles
  • Small amount of raw placenta for consumption during processing
  • Powder (with encapsulation) OR Tincture

Add-On Items


The following options can be added to your powder or tincture, or can be made from the powders created during processes.

  • +$50 – Combined Tincture & Encapsulation
  • +$25 – Esali Thrive *Herbal Powders
  • +$25 – Chocolate Placenta Truffles
  • +$25 – *Herbal Placenta Salve – 1 oz.
  • +$30 – Baby’s Blood Typing
  • Contact for custom herbal blends

*Herbal add on options require 4+ weeks to purchase herbs, so may not be available for last minute placenta preparation clients.  Please contact with any questions.

How Placenta Preparation Works

How is the placenta processed? I only process placentas for my own midwifery and birth doula clients.  You can learn how to do this on your own by scheduling a prenatal class with me or reading the placentophagy post on Depending on where you birth and which package you choose, placenta smoothie, and print, is made immediately following the birth after you and baby are stable.  If we need to use part of your placenta for hemorrhage, you can expect your print to have a memory of this.  I usually process most of the placenta in your home as the mess and smell is a bit overwhelming for my family.  Depending on the hours following birth for midwifery clients, I usually start steaming the placenta in the hours after birth.  However, the support of your birth takes priority.  If you are a doula client, I will double bag your placenta to take it home with me. The placenta, membranes, and cord are rinsed under cool water.  We make a print (on water color paper) with the placenta and the cord as a “Tree of Life” keepsake.  The cord is cut and shaped for dehydrating as a keepsake as well. For tincturing, the placenta is diced and placed into glass jars and covered with brandy (or liquor of your choice – 80-100 proof).  Herbs can be added at this time.  This can remain with you and in two weeks you can start consuming.  Typically, however, I bring the jars home with me to complete the two week processing, strain, and bottle into dropper bottles then ship it back to you. For powdering, the placenta is sliced then steamed (unless you prefer that it not be steamed) and then dehydrated over the next 6-24 hours.  I then come back the following day and the dehydrated placenta is powdered to sprinkle in yogurt or make in to truffles or energy balls or can be encapsulated which is completed at that time.  If salves are to be made, some of the powder will come home with me to finish the salves and then shipped back to you when complete which can take 1-2 weeks.