View of the Womb Baby Mapping Illustration

View of the Womb Illustration offers mothers the opportunity to become more in-tune with learning the position of their baby throughout pregnancy with an enchanting drawing as a sort of “Natural Ultrasound” (as coined by Naoli Vinaver) through artistic baby mapping.  By palpating, measuring, and listening to fetal heart rate and placenta sounds through a fetoscope, your baby’s position will be located and artistically depicted on your abdomen.  Older siblings, partners, friends, or family can all join in illuminizing for a joy-filled bonding experience if desired.

While babies are moving often within the uterus, you will learn how to interpret these movements through at-home belly mapping so you can positively influence the position of your baby for a joyful birth.

View of the Womb Natural Ultrasound Illustration Includes:

  • Alignment Assessment
  • Abdominal Palpation
  • Fundal Height Measurement
  • Fetal Heart Tone Location (with fetoscope)
  • Baby Mapping Education
  • View of the Womb Illustration

Along with my four-year design degree from an art college, I have been palpating babies and bellies regularly since 2018 helping mothers to learn how their daily choices influence their baby’s position and guiding decisions for Happier Healthier Birth.

View of the womb is ideal after 24 weeks when baby is most easily palpated and fetal heart tones can usually be heard by fetoscope.  However, VoW can be shared anytime throughout the childbearing years in a conceptualized way for pre-conception to envision the child to come, prior to 24 weeks to help visualize your growing baby, or during or after a miscarriage of any gestation to support through healing.

Add-On VoW

$25 – Add-On

View of the Womb for current Full-Package MOV Birth, Perinatal Mentor, or Labor Doula Clients to be scheduled during one of the prenatal visits included within these packages.

VoW Prenatal

$50 – 1 Hour

Full View of the Womb package for those not receiving full doula or full home birth support.  This can be scheduled at any time prior to, during, or after pregnancy, but is ideal between 24 and 36 weeks to accommodate audibility of heart tones with a fetoscope and accurate palpation of baby’s position.

Centered VoW


View of the Womb session following a relaxing 30-minute full-body Rebozo Relaxation session.

How View of the Womb Works

Scheduling & Prep

I will, typically, need at least two weeks to prepare material for a View of the Womb Session.  We will need approximately 1 hour for the session and you’ll want to wear clothes that you are comfortable remaining in for some time and that might get makeup on during or after the session.  Thin and stretchy clothes or bikini are ideal.

I make every effort to use naturally-derived makeup for these sessions.  Some of these I make myself with my own herbal oils and earth pigments.  If you have sensitive skin or a preference for the materials being used.  Please contact me to discuss what cosmetic items I will need, and $5 will be deducted from the total.

Due to the nature of my on-call schedule, there are times where I may have to reschedule sessions, and possible stop in the middle of a session to serve a laboring mother.  Refunds will be provided for any session that cannot be rescheduled.  For these reasons, I encourage mothers to schedule closer to their 30 week date so they have some flexibility with rescheduling.