Integrative Holistic Support for

Birth Centers & Hospitals

Community Resource

I am a resource guru for my doula clients providing information and support about prenatal care, birth options, and back to basics birth in a modern culture.
Virtual Esali Birth Classes & my local Lending Library are accessible for all clients.

Prenatal Guide

Through hands-on care, I help to support you holistically during pregnancy and birth to encourage the most intervention-free birth possible.
Alignment, Rebozo, and hands-on guidance are provided for fetal positioning and labor progression.

Birth Advocate

I serve you, not your care provider or regulating organization.  I am able to share information as needed, advocate for human birthrights, and care for my clients in the way I believe is most helpful.
Support of your personal birth wishes for Happy Healthy Birth is my focus.

I found Danielle after a frantic search for a doula. I was already 37 weeks when I first contacted her. I know that without the support of Danielle as my doula I wouldn't have made it through and would have ended up with many interventions. She went above and beyond and I'm so so grateful our paths crossed.

- Madison, Doula Support

Continuous Physical & Emotional Support

Doula care begins prenatally with resources and guidance for wellness and maternal-fetal alignment to support a comfortable pregnancy and spontaneous natural labor progression.  Whether at home prior to transferring to your birth location or at a birth center or hospital, you are continuously supported from the time you desire presence during labor until baby has enjoyed skin to skin time after birth.  For families planning home birth, please see my midwifery services.

Spontaneous Natural Birth

Resources, maternal-fetal alignment guidance, and education are provided to help you to experience optimal health and select a birth environment supportive of physiological birth.  By making intentional choices for these influences, you can be prepared to birth instinctively.  Doula care can help keep you grounded for a joyous birth and receive guidance on techniques if your birth plans change.

Perinatal Mentor

Each doula package is created for your personal needs and desires and includes preparation and support for unexpected changes.  In-person and virtual doula support (helpful for support restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic) is available through at least 6-weeks postpartum.  I can bring along my camera if you desire to have some semi-professional snapshots of your day.

Reduce Unnecessary Interventions

Guiding you and your birth team on how to navigate our modern birth industry is a key aspect of doula care.  You and your birth partner can learn support techniques both prenatally and during labor for a confident and progressive labor.  Support through communication, physical changes with pregnancy and labor, and information for making decisions as your labor progresses is individualized.  Dads enjoy learning these techniques and being guided through the primary support role as well as sharing support so you can be continuously supported through labor changes.

Support Informed Decisions

My doula care focuses on clients preparing for a family-centered birth.  You are strong and intelligent, able to make informed decisions about your perinatal well-being.  By providing education prenatally and supporting your human rights in birth, clients feel empowered to advocate for themselves leading to a confident start in breastfeeding and parenting.

Mid-Ohio Valley Doula

I provide doula care for birth centers and hospitals throughout the Mid-Ohio Valley in Parkersburg, Marietta, Gallipolis, Athens, Charleston, Clarksburg, and surrounding regions within 1.5 hours of zip 26164 and include:

  • Charleston Birth Center doula support
  • WV Medicine doula support
  • Camden Clark doula support
  • Marietta Memorial doula support
  • CAMC doula support
  • Obleness doula support
  • UHC doula support

Doula Services

Doula care is individualized for each client.  Whether you’re planning for a full perinatal mentor package, a labor doula, or a few add on or stand-alone services, check out some of the options below for doula support in the Mid-Ohio Valley.

Belly Mapping

Enchanting View of the Womb illustration illuminates your personalized belly mapping private session.

Rebozo Therapy

Relaxation and fetal position support through private rebozo therepeutic tension release and massage.

Herbal Wellness Counseling

Personalized wellness blends or Make and Take herbal parties for fertility, pregnancy, breastfeeding, baby and self-care.

Placenta Prep

Placenta encapsulation, placenta smoothies, and placenta preservation treats and tinctures for postpartum support.

Insurance Reimbursement

For all clients, a payment plan is available to help this care to be accessible without insurance.  I am not an advocate for medical insurance being involved in my domiciliary midwifery services; however, I do believe if you are paying for insurance then you should be able to utilize it however you wish.  I have had clients through United Health Care and BAS be reimbursed for my services as an out of network provider.  Most Health Share Ministries and HSA/FSA accounts will cover my services in full.  Most of my clients do not have insurance coverage or choose not to use insurance to cover the costs, are not high-income families, and save to cover midwifery services.  If you choose to utilize insurance to cover costs, it can be helpful to contact your insurance company early in your care to help determine what kinds of services they are willing to cover.  After services are paid in full, clients submit their own claims.  I can provide my NPI number and some supporting information, but I do not provide coding or billing services and this will be up to you to complete if you desire.  Please contact for any questions.