In-Home Visits

Breastfeeding counseling visits in the comfort of your own home (or at a birth center or hospital) to help you heal and rest while supporting more ideal timing for nursing during visits

Community Support

Host of the MOV Breastfeeding Social since 2010, bringing family-to-family support, education, and personal story-telling back to our community

Prenatal Classes

Preparing families for a birth that supports breastfeeding and knowing what to look for, and adjust, in the early days with one-on-one, or group, classes

Breastfeeding from Birth to Weaning

With over 12 years experience supporting breastfeeding families, and 6 years of personal breastfeeding experience, I seek to help you have a joyous and long breastfeeding relationship.  Breastfeeding support creates a space for preventative education and learning basic breastfeeding techniques as well as troubleshooting for all stages of breastfeeding from birth through weaning and tandem nursing.  Gentle latch guidance, in the comfort of your own home, that follows the natural flow of breastfeeding which enables you to balance this learning dance with your new baby and family.

More than a Lactation Consultant

Breastfeeding is the completion of the birth and the beginning of the parenting relationship.  The whole birth journey needs to be considered when supporting a new mother.  Breastfeeding support includes:

  • Gentle Latch and Positioning Techniques
  • Noticing when Baby is Swallowing Milk
  • Breastfeeding Education & Awareness
  • Birth Story Sharing
  • Personal Goal Assessment
  • Breast Compressions
  • Pain & Discomfort Prevention
  • Pain & Discomfort Troubleshooting
  • Supplemental Nursing System/Lactation Aid
  • Muscle/Alignment Awareness
  • Tongue & Lip Tie Assessment (Tethered Oral Tissues TOTS)
  • Referrals to Oral Restriction Revision, and other, providers as Needed

After both births, Danielle has gone out of her way to make sure that we were off to a good start with breastfeeding. I always give expectant mothers her contact information!

- Angela, Birth Class & Doula Support

Gentle Breastfeeding Guidance


My approach to breastfeeding is gently watching mom and baby learn about each other and offering gentle guidance through teaching moms and their support team on what to look for to know that baby is swallowing milk, as well as learn about the breastfeeding relationship so breastfeeding becomes more normalized.  These services are offered through my free monthly breastfeeding clinic, as well as through messaging, phone, and in-home (or at your birth facility) visits.  Yes, I DO offer breastfeeding services “after hours” and on weekends for families that have already established care!  Babies don’t stop nursing for schedules, and that means moms need support for all phases!

Accessible Breastfeeding Support

Breastfeeding support is available by e-mail, phone, live online web meetings, and in-person sessions within 1 hour of zip 26164.  I have been providing breastfeeding education and support since 2009 in the Mid-Ohio Valley community including hosting (with my mom) the annual MOV Mother’s Day 5k & Kids’ races for 10 years raising money to support breastfeeding and birth in the Mid-Ohio Valley.  My support includes prenatal breastfeeding education and birth classes, postpartum guidance, troubleshooting, and care through weaning, relactation or adoptive nursing, and nursing during pregnancy as well as nursing while babywearing, tandem nursing and nursing multiples.


Breastfeeding Clinic


I host a monthly Breastfeeding Clinic & Support Group in Parkersburg, WV on the 4th Saturday of every month (except December). Care during the clinic is free and provides group family-to-family support as well as one-on-one support from me as needed, offering many of the same services available as with private visits including babywearing and nursing in a carrier.

In-Home Consult

$60 First Hour ($30 for additional)


  • In-Home Breastfeeding Support
  • At Birth Facility/Hospital Breastfeeding Support
  • Tongue Tie Assessment
  • Latch & Position Guidance
  • Stretching Guidance
  • Rebirthing
  • Lactation Aid Guidance
  • Relactation & Supplementing at the Breast Guidance
  • Breastfeeding Education

Virtual Consult


  • Live Video Support Session (you will need internet access and the ability to share a live video)
  • Latch Assessment
  • Swallowing Assessment
  • Position Guidance
  • Latch Guidance
  • Stretching Guidance
  • Breastfeeding Education
  • Available on short-term notice and odd hours

How to Plan for Your Breastfeeding Visit

Home Visit

  • Complete the Esali Birth Breastfeeding Client Intake Form at least 24 hours prior to our visit so I can have time to review this prior to meeting you and we can spend most of our time focusing on the immediate needs of breastfeeding.
  • You are NOT entertaining me.  Please do NOT clean your house.  This time is to be focused on your rest and getting breastfeeding established.  I regularly attend pregnant women, provide midwifery assistance at home, and visit a postpartum home within days and weeks of a birth.  I also work from home and homeschool.  I 100% expect your house to look like you live in it, and to look like you are focusing on your newborn.  I also do not need anything to eat or drink, but a glass of water now and then is enjoyable.
  • Try to keep baby relatively hungry before a visit.  If baby is showing hunger cues, nurse for just a few minutes or feed a small portion of expressed milk if baby is not at the breast.  We don’t want an upset baby, but we need to be able to assess the feeding on our visit.
  • Try to have baby relatively rested before our visit to help achieve a calm baby and a baby that breastfeeds fully before falling asleep.
  • Have a support person available, if possible, to help with other children or pets so you can focus on receiving support and get breastfeeding well-established or back on track.
  • The best place for us to visit is in the place where you normally nurse your baby.  You may also like access to your bed or other comfortable location if you are having difficult nursing in the place you would desire to nurse.
  • Full payment is expected at the time of service.  I accept cash, check, or credit card.


Live Web Visit (Skype/Facebook)

  • Complete the Esali Birth Breastfeeding Client Intake Form at least 24 hours prior to our visit so I can have time to review this prior to meeting you and we can spend most of our time focusing on the immediate needs of breastfeeding.
  • You will need an internet connection and a working web cam or phone with camera.  If this is a Skype visit, please have Skype installed and connect with my according to the instructions from our discussions.
  • Have baby rested and hungry just as with a home visit.
  • Have a support person to care for your other children just as with a home visit.
  • Dad/Partner or another support person is helpful to maneuver the camera around during a visit, but this is not required.
  • Have your hands washed to be ready to assess your baby’s mouth for oral restrictions.
  • Full payment is expected the same day of service.  You will be invoiced through PayPal when making your appointment and you can complete your payment after our visit by PayPal or Credit Card.

Insurance Reimbursement

For all breastfeeding clients, services are paid prior to or at the visit.  I am not an advocate for medical insurance being involved in my domiciliary midwifery services; however, I do believe if you are paying for insurance then you should be able to utilize it however you wish.  I have had clients through United Health Care and BAS be reimbursed for my services as an out of network provider.  Most Health Share Ministries and HSA/FSA accounts will cover my services in full.  Most of my clients do not have insurance coverage or choose not to use insurance to cover the costs, are not high-income families, and save to cover midwifery services.  If you choose to utilize insurance to cover costs, it can be helpful to contact your insurance company early in your care to help determine what kinds of services they are willing to cover.  After services are paid in full, clients submit their own claims.  I can provide my NPI number and some supporting information, but I do not provide coding or billing services and this will be up to you to complete if you desire.  Please contact for any questions.